Sandy Beaches

The entire coast line between Lisbon and the Atlantic Ocean as several sandy beaches. The natural beaches are the best places to have a rest, swim or just get some fresh air watching the board surfers. The “marginal” was named for the scenic seaside road linking Cascais, Estoril and Oeiras to the center of Lisbon, there are beaches along the way, small and big.

Nearly all the sandy beaches are easy reach, a walking path links beaches in Oeiras and Cascais, restaurants with great fresh fish, bars, exercise stations, etc…

Most important all of the sandy beaches are clean, excellent quality sea water, blue flags, and although the sea may be cold, it is excellent for surfing, kite surfing and other water sports. The entire region also provides splendid golf courses and other activities.

Sandy Beaches All Watched With Safeguard In The Summer

Azarujinha Beach (S.João do Estoril)

It’s near by the Poças’ Beach. This beach is hidden in S. João do Estoril.

Bafureira Beach (S. Pedro do Estoril)

A very small beach favorite for surfers and bodyboarders. It’s one of the smallest beaches of Cascais and it’s located between São Pedro do Estoril and Estoril.

Cascais and Estoril
Conceição and Duquesa Beach


Conceição Beach (Cascais)

Between Albtroz Hotel and Charlet Faial. Near the train station and next to Duquesa Beach.

Duquesa Beach (Cascais)

Side by side with Conceição’s Beach, both sandy beaches. Very good conditions for sailing and windsurfing.



Cabo Da Roca, The Westernmost Point Of Continental Europe
Ursa Beach
Ursa Beach (Cabo da Roca/Sintra)

It is sandy, but not bigger than 50m, it’s between the Cape Roca. It’s a nudist beach at the Westernmost Point Of Continental Europe.

Saint Peter Beach (S.Pedro de Estoril)

It’s the perfect place if you look for an outside restaurant or café. It has a large esplanade with tables and chairs to enjoy the sea and the sun without actually being on the sand.


sandy beaches
Queen Beach


Queen Beach (Cascais)

Nearby the center of Cascais and it’s a quiet and hidden beach. Close to the train station and between the Fisherman´s beach and the Duquesa beach.

Poça Beach (S.João do Estoril)

It’s also a sandy beach famous for its outside cafes and restaurants. Easy to park the car. It’s near an old Fort. Here it starts a long seaside pavement stretching for 2.5 Kilometers until Cascais.


Avencas Beach (Parede)

Another beach to go just by foot, either way you will have to leave your car very far away. The main responsibility for this beach is the Avencas’ Bar, a Summer bar opened every day from 10am to 2am. There is also a huge variety of sea life animals and corals you can observe while diving.
It has a permanent lifeguard and a first aid point.

Moitas Beach ( Between Cascais and Estoril)

This beach is between Cascais and Monte Estoril. It has a very nice level of sand, but unfortunately the sea is full of rocks that can hurt the swimmers.
It’s a watched beach, with access to people with reduced mobility, sport fishing, WC, Shower, awnings for rent, Bar, Shower, Restauran, Tourism Information Point, Windsurf, sailing and diving.


sandy beaches
Carcavelos Beach


Carcavelos Beach

It’s one of the most sought beaches for surf, windsurf and Bodyboard because its waves are very high and strong. It’s one of the places where we can see international competitions for this kind of sport. It’s one of the biggest beaches.
It’s a watched beach, with bar, WC, Shower, restaurant, Tourism Information Pont, awnings for rent, Surf, Bodyboard, Volleyball, Football and a runaway for skating.



Palace Counts Castro Guimaraes Beach
Sta Marta Beach
Saint Marta Beach (Cascais)

It used to be the private beach for Castro Guimarães Counts and it has straight access from the Museum of Castro Guimarães Counts, their old palace. This beach is not used for tourism, just for sightseeing from the Marine. It’s a place with several bars and other night attractions for fun.

São Pedro do Estoril Beach

This beach is surrounded by a huge cliff which is very often used for sport fishing. The sea has many high waves calling for surfers. The beach as a good parking and it is close to the train station.
It’s a watched beach, with Windsurf School, Bodyboard, Surf, Shower, access to people with reduced mobility, WC, Bar, Camping Park, Sport fishing, restaurant and First Aid Point.

Abano Beach (Cascais)

It’s right after the Guincho’s Beach. It’s very windy and the sea is very brave. There are no parking places, so you just park where you find a spot.
It has a Bar, a Restaurant. It’s a good place for sport fishing, surf, Bodyboard and awnings for rent.


sandy beaches
Guincho Beach


Guincho Beach (Cascais)

One of the most famous names of Cascais. It’s located in a dune area and it is very windy, especially because of North Winds. Guincho is known around he world because of its great conditions for surfing and windsurf. It’s a very dangerous beach for amateurs and swimmers. It’s also a very luxurious area with very expensive restaurants and bars. The five star Guncho Hotel is nearby the beach as well as the famous Guincho’s Bar. It’s one of the biggest beaches of Cascais.
It’s a watched beach and it offers a First Aid Point.

sandy beaches
Tamariz Beach
Tamariz Beach (Estoril)

It was the beach that first called the attention for the Cascais good beach conditions. It’s nearby the train station as well as the bus station. The only less good thing is the lack of parking places. It has several restaurants and many night parties and activities for fun like discos. There is also a tunnel which leads to the Estoril Casino’s gardens. There are also many tourist shops and a free swimming pool with sea water.

It’s a watched beach, with bar, awnings for rent, WC, showers, small boats, windsurf, sailing, sport fishing, Tourism Information Point and access to people with reduced mobility.


Guincho Beacjh


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