Portuguese Food & Drink

Portuguese food and drink has many Mediterranean influences. The influence of Portugal’s colonies is notable, especially in the wide variety of spices used. Spices include piri-piri and black pepper, as cinnamon, vanilla and saffron. Olive oil and garlic is the very basis of Portuguese cuisine, for cooking and flavoring meals.

The region is a fish heaven where you can find fresh fish, mussels, red mullets, clams and delicious oysters; swordfish and crustaceans.
The other typical food of this area includes the goat and sheep cheeses, the pastries, the cheese small cakes from Sintra and finally the enormous variety of wine, white, rosé, red and green all splendid and of excellent quality.

In Lisbon itself, you can try all the specials of Portuguese cuisine all around the city. Of all the desserts and pastry available, do not forget the local Belém custard pies (Portuguese custard tarts are popping up all over London).

See our Blog for the Lisbon Market – Mercado da Ribeira.

Lisbon Market Mercado da Ribeira is the main Lisbon’s food market since 1892. Back in 2014 it was taken by Time Out Lisboa magazine, offering traditional food with about 32 restaurants, providing around 750 seats with also traditional local products.

Where one can go for fresh fruit and vegetables, now there is a tremendous offer for some of the best restaurants  around and professional chefs.

“There’s also a rapidly growing interest in Portuguese wine, which experienced double-digit growth in the UK in 2014. While Britons have been big drinkers of Port for over a century, wines from Douro and Alentejo, sweet, fortified moscatels, and vinho verde (a young ‘green’ sparkling wine from Minho) are all attracting well-deserved attention.”

“Portuguese wine is on a roll,” confirms Tom Harrow, founder of WineChap and director of Honest Grapes. “It’s hard to beat for value and excitement, with a long history of winemaking and some fascinating soils allied to a new breed of dynamic young winemakers.”-Telegrafh.co.uk

Portuguese Food & Drink

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