Oitavos Saint George Fortification

Oitavos Saint George Fortification is located along the coastline, going from Cascais towards the Guincho beach. The Fort is a free entrance fortification that one can visit if passing by. The best way is to hire a bicycle and ride along the cost, witch will be a very pleasant morning or afternoon.

It was erected during the Restoration War of Portugal’s independence. With the intent of preventing landing between Cscais and the Guincho beach.

The construction was due to the need of protection of the people and the coast of enemies approaching by sea, pirates or invader troops, who would find the cliffs a good stategic point of possible landing.

Oitavos Saint George Fortification was usually held by a cable, three gunners and eighteen soldiers with artillery to four parts, which it remained until the nineteenth century.

It is classified as a public interest by Decree, published on December 1974. On the eve of the twenty first century, in December 2000, was reopened as a historical-military museum and cultural space. Responsibility of the House City of Cascais.

The reconstruction of the daily life of the garrison of a marine fortification in the late eighteenth century. The Maritime fortification is a rectangular plan, adapted to the cliff where it is located.

The oldest drawing shows the terrace and the tank four sites, the Headquarters Troop, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms, the journal and the Chamber of commands. The defence is completed by covering the towers at the sharp edges.

It Closes mondays and holiday days.

Oitavos Saint George Fortification - Cascais

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Oitavos Saint George Fortification - Cascais 38.699757, -9.468227  Oitavos Saint George Fortification - Forte de São Jorge de Oitavos FREE VISIT