Sintra Moorish Castle

This medieval Moorish Castle is located on one of the hilltops of the Sintra mountain. A fortress built during the 8th and 9th centuries, during the period of Muslim Iberia. The Moorish castle was an irregular military strategic point with 450 linear meters long.

The castle surrendered voluntarily to Christian forces after the Lisbon conquest in 1147. Some work was done by King D. Afonso Henriques to maintain the big walls. It was an important strategic point.

During the second half of the 12th century, the chapel constructed within the walls became the parish seat.

In 1375 King Ferdinand I of Portugal, ordered the rebuilding of the castle. While the structures and walls were well fortified. Its military value progressively diminished as the people were abandoning the fortress to go and live in the old village of Sintra.

What is left of the Moorish Castle is the result of several building campaigns. The 1755 earthquake did some considerable damage to the chapel and surrounding stone walls. The restoration work was carried out by King D. Ferdinand II in the 19th century but, by 1838 the towers were in ruins.

Sintra Moorish Castle

In 1979 archaeological excavations in the Chapel of São Pedro discovered the existence of medieval funerary tombs, dating to the turn of the 13th century.

Today classified as a National Monument, part of the Sintra Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All along the path around the castle, one can admire the views, the town center, the Sintra National Palace, the Pena Palace and the coastline north/west of the Portuguese Atlantic Ocean.

Sintra Moorish Castle

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GPS Coordinates
38º 47’ 24.25” N 9º 23’ 21.47” W