Lisbon Story Center

The Lisbon Story Center exhibit is really easy to find downtown. It is by the side of Commerce Square of Baixa district, next to the Tagus River. It focuses on the main events and personalities that made history over the past centuries, before and after the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake and tsunami that made so much vanish away.

The highlights are divided into six sections;

1st – Myths and facts of the Portuguese capital’s first settlers;

2nd – Focuses on the Age of Discoveries;

3rd – The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake;

4th – The Marquis of Pombal rebuilding the city project and the Commerce Square;

5th – The Commerce Square over time;

6th – General info about the city and a gift shop for Lisbon souvenirs.

Audio Guide is available as there will always be a temporary exhibition.

Lisbon Story Center


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