Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto, the second oldest district in Lisbon after Alfama. As the city was growing a new neighbourhood appear, this time further away from the castle.

Originally was a commercial and residential district, today it is Portugal’s capital for nightlife.

Visitors who stop by while the sun is up find a quiet neighbourhood, Its mainly close structures build to accommodate the rapid expansion of Lisbon’s population at the time.

The tourist who drops into the area during the day and night won’t believe the incredibly crowded neighbourhood found at night is the same sleepy spot during the day. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants dominate the scene, most of which don’t open until the evening.

Bairro Alto is the best place to sample Lisbon’s nightlife. Few establishments charge a cover and most don’t restrict entrance. The result is a massively crowded but highly celebratory atmosphere that is certainly chaotic.

It’s also known for the shop sellers of vintage culture and the fashion designers of today. For dining, shopping and clubing, no other neighborhood is like this one.

Alfama the other district not to and Principe Real further up!

Bairro Alto District

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Bairro Alto District 38.712753, -9.146295 Bairro Alto District