Golden Visa Portugal

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Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal Residence Permit Programme grants foreigners and their families to live in Portugal, obtaining a residence permit by investing in the country.

Golden Visa Residence Permit For Investors

Statistics on the Golden Visa Portugal Residence Permit Programme were recently disclosed by SEF (Immigration and Borders Service), evidencing the success of this Programme.

According to the figures, in the period from 8thOctober 2012 to 31st August 2015, 2.465 residence permits for pursuing investment activities were issued in Portugal, which corresponds to more than two per day.

Amongst this, 2.332 were granted by acquiring real estate, 130 by transferring capital and 3 by creating 10 job positions, showing that the preference for property is still well ahead at the top of the list.

The figures also show that those who obtained residence permits for pursuing investment activities were mostly Chinese, followed by Brazilians, Russians, South Africans and Lebanese.

The total investment made reached € 1,496,193,478, being a great boost to the Portuguese economy.

The Golden Visa Portugal Residence Permit Programme is unanimously a huge success and it tends to increase as five new types of investment were recently created, broadening the options of those interested in applying.

Golden Visa Portugal – How?

  • Purchasing real estate with a value equal to or greater than 500.000€
  • May be more than one property adding up to this amount (not limited to one)
  • For higher value properties, several entities may be involved, as long as each of them make proof of a 500.000€ contribution.

Immediate benefits

  • Immediately upon purchasing your property may be rented (investment guaranteed).
  • At the end of the 5th year can sell your property, as it is already considered a permanent resident;
  • 6 years from purchase, may require Portuguese nationality.
  • Allows you and your family to move freely in the 27 countries that make up the Schengen area.
  • You may base your operations in Portugal, and from here operate throughout Europe and the whole World
  • Why?


  • No real estate speculation in the past 15 years. Today’s low property prices create opportunities due to the current financial situation that this country is going through
  • No inheritance tax
  • Low taxes compared to the rest of Europe

You and your family can live in Portugal, in a safe environment and a unique Mediterranean climate conditions, just a few hours’ flight across Europe.

In light of the recent announcement made by the Portuguese Immigration Services (SEF) related to the regulations of the recently approved changes to the Golden Visa programme, it has now been officially confirmed that the said detailed regulations have just been formally approved by the Council of Ministries of the Portuguese Government.

Here is the link to the official website of the Council of Ministries where this approval is formally announced:

According to a recent interview published in Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, Mr Guo Guangchang,  executive director and chairman of Fosun, the Chinese group that recently acquiredthe Portuguese insurance company, Fidelidade and health care group, Luz Saúde,  said that the attraction of Portugal “is not only in the financial area, expanding to the tourism, fashion, leisure and entertainment.”

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