Both Cascais and Estoril villages are known to have rich attractions, causing this area to be quite visited by locals and tourists. Cascais and Estoril have excellent seafood restaurants and it is idyllic for nature lovers and relaxing holidays.

Cascais and EstorilOnly half an hour from Lisbon, this summer resort holiday destination is the best spot for water sports lovers – Surfing, windsurfing, kite, Sailing. A great golfer’s destination, with excellent conditions all year around.

Cascais and Estoril are just a few minutes’ away from Guincho Beach, a great natural environment for those who enjoy wild sea.

Cascais and Estoril

Renowned worldwide, Estoril as a casino, several golf courses and a racing track up north. The Verdades-Farias Museum, which hosts an important collection of musical instruments, related to popular music by Michael Giacometti.

Cascais and Estoril


The Royal historic past of Cascais and Estoril reflects “glamour”. The former fishing village gained fame as a resort for the Portuguese royal family in the late XIX century. Today, it is a popular vacation spot for both Portuguese and foreign tourists.

Some historical buildings are back from the XV Century, forts, churches and small palaces. One can walk around parks spending time with family, early morning jogging or reading a book while stoping under a pleasant shade on a hot summer day.

Cascais and EstorilThe 1755 Lisbon earthquake destroyed a large portion of the village. Around 1774, the Marquis of Pombal, prime-minister of King José I, established the Royal Factory of Wool in the village, which existed until the early 19th century. During the invasion of Portugal by Napoleonic troops in 1807, the citadel of Cascais was occupied by the French, with General Junot staying some time in the village.

Amongst numerous restaurants and bars are a few churches and historic places, the Palace of the Counts of Castro Guimarães, the Sea Museum, the 18th century church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Nossa Senhora da Guia next to the lighthouse (XV century) and the XVII century fortress. More recently build the House of Stories Paula Rego, a modern construction.Throughout the region, you may surprise yourself with the unparalleled beauty.

Cascais and estoril

Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

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