5 Best Lisbon Sights – Learn About The Capital of Portugal

5 Best Lisbon Sights

Lisbon sights not to be missed in Lisbon. Other sights will come if you follow along with these locations.

Lisbon sights, saint george castle, lisbon castle1 – Saint George Castle (Castelo de São Jorge).

This fortification is up the hill above Lisbon with superb views over the city and the Tagus River.

The castle as being taken throughout the centuries  by the Visigoths, the Romans, the Moors and finally by the first Portuguese king D. Afonso Henriques on the 12th century.

Inside it offers a unique 360-degree angle on Lisbon. There are also relics displayed from past centuries. Definitely the best Lisbon sights for a good feeling of the city.

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lisbon sights2 – Campo Pequeno Bullring.

It is a Neo-Moorish round construction built with red bricks. The bull ring of Lisbon re-opened as a multi-event venue in 2006, designed to be used for various events apart from bull fighting.

It includes an underground shopping center, restaurants, a food court, a cinema and a parking lot. Nowadays it hosts big concerts and other events.

Unlike Spanish bullfighting, in Portugal the bull is not killed at the end of the fight. The bull is killed by a professional after the show. This was decreed by king Miguel of Portugal during his reign of 1828–1834 as he considered it inhumane to the animal.

lisbon sights3 – Jerónimos Monastery.

The monastery is the fusion of creative elements.

A 15th Century construction built for monks of the Order of Saint Jerome, whose spiritual job was to pray for the king´s soul and comfort the sailors. Belém at the best Lisbon sights.

There is nothing like the sensation of walking in the Manueline cloisters. Aches, columns decorated with detail leaves, vines and knots among symbols.

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5 Best Lisbon Sights

Lisbon sights4 – Alfama

The Alfama quarter is the oldest district of Lisbon. The name comes from the Arabic word Alfamm, meaning the “mouth” in Arabic.

The district contains many important historical attractions, as well as an abundance of Fado bars and restaurants.

Largely destroyed in the 1755 earthquake, it is still a maze of narrow streets and steep steps and diminutive squares.

Certainly the best way to see the wonders of this district is walking. Catch the old 28 tram up, which wends its way through the ancient streets and hills and come down walking to save your legs.

lisbon sights5 The Oceanarium – Lisbon Aquarium

The Lisbon Aquarium was originally built for Lisbon Expo ’98.

It is dedicated to the sea life of the open ocean and houses a vast array of marine creatures.

Discover more than 8,000 sea creatures from 4 ocean habitats,  species of fish, marine mammals and birds.

  • Audio guides are available to hire in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German

• Guided tours are available at extra cost in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and German (must be pre-booked);

• Educational activities for schools, families, and organized groups are available (must be pre-booked);

• Ramps and elevators are available throughout the building, in accordance with European accessibility laws;

This side of Lisbon is decidedly modern, but well worth the visit.

5 Best Lisbon Sights

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