Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours

Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours

Theatrical Walking Tours

Portugal Tales is on Alfama streets offering theatrical walking tours.

You will be taken on an 800 year journey full of narrated and dramatized stories and legends. Through this fun, entertaining and innovative way, Portugal Tales share its country, its neighborhoods, its people, its stories and secrets.

Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours a32b49_afb3c9d540d843d18769ec74a0c4de44.jpg_srz_p_130_131_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Theatrical Walking Tours






This tour goes through the oldest district of Lisbon (Alfama), which, thanks to its tight winding streets and jumble of tightly packed houses, feels somewhat removed from the rest of the city.

Get to know Alfama through a narrated and dramatized walking tour, in which stories and legends are shared.

Can you imagine a huge theater along 1,5 miles with more than 8 live sets, where history and stories will become alive?Do you know a better way to visit a city than through a theatrical way?
Do you know what made the Portuguese men famous around the Europe during the XVII and XVIII centuries?

Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours

Alfama Theatrical Walking Tours

Meeting point: Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, in front of the Fado Museum


Wednesday – 10:30am  Thursday – 10:30am    Friday – 10:30am

Saturday – 15:00pm    Sunday – 15:00am

Tours on Mondays and Tuesdays only under reservation. Minimum 10 people.

Duration: 2:00

The tours can be canceled due to:

– Bad weather conditions.

– Insufficient numbers – 6 min.

Difficulty level: Moderate

We suggest the use of comfortable footwear.


Children under 12 years old: 12€

Regular walking tour ticket: 18€


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